Using challenging times to cultivate habits for good




It takes 3 weeks to permanently form new habits.

Over the last few weeks during the disruption caused by enforced global isolation because of Coronavirus, we've all started to change our habits. In the midst of much grief, anxiety and loss, story after story is being told about how air and sea pollution is reducing drastically. More wildlife is being found in cities and more birdsong being heard as a result of the changes we are making.

There is no doubt that this year will be studied in history by future generations. It will be a milestone event for many reasons, one of them being as a time when humanity gave the environment a chance to rejuvenate.

The theme of Earth Day 2020 is Climate Change. The widespread disruption has forced the majority of human activity that harms the planet to stop and with it, social media has been full of stories of people appreciating the slower pace of life. 

It's reported only 9% of Britons want to see the world return to normal after the pandemic, and we see this as an opportunity to share and commit to the positive habits we're seeing in this time.

​So we ask you - 

  • What one habit are you forming as a result of this experience that you would like to take forward? 

On #EarthDay2020 (22/04/2020) let’s pledge to lock in these changes so that they become habits for a better world.





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